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Here at old2new movers we put our clients first and the most interesting thing about us is how we take our clients thoughts/images and bring them to reality with our interior designing skills. We have a team of professionally trained movers that will get the job done with know problems or hassels.


Ways To Save

Here at Old2new movers we like to show our clients that we appreciate their business by offering a variety of discounts and coupons. Remember one coupon/discount per move.

  • $100 off for any returning clients
  • $50 off any client referrals

Any Previous client who refers three clients that actually reserve/schedule a move will be rewarded a $100 visa card as a token of our appreciation.


Close the deal

once we send your deposit link to your email and it's paid we will send your electronic receipt. You will also get a email confirmation with move day/time and everything we agreed upon prior to booking.

Moving services includes


How to load a truck

When it comes to loading a truck we have some of the best professional truck loaders in the DMV and surrounding areas.The proper way to load a truck is to always start with base first you know something solid like a dresser,nightstand,table, or a chair but only if it's strong enough to hold the weight.Now that you have your base you wanna get some boxes to stack on your base you can also bring chairs that can't hold to much weight and lay them on the boxes then fill in the gaps and holes with pillows bags and other miscellaneous items that can't be stacked on to complete your top level. Then you get your sofa's biggest one first so it goes wall to wall and your able to flip another sofa inside of it continue with small things to go on top of sofa until tier is complete, in the front of the sofa you lay a pad down for the beds. Remember any TV's pictures or glass items goes in between the mattress and box spring then you get your rope to tie everything off from wall to wall so it's secure.


If you are coming or going in or out of state and will be getting a truck or a pod delivered and need loading services or just unloading services we provide that as well.


We understand if something comes up and you now need to reschedule but we ask that you do so  in a timely manner . There is fees for that we have know problem with reshceduling for a later date/time. Anyone who pays a deposit and then wants to cancel without rescheduling that will cost them a lost/termination of their deposit for the inconvenience. It is a inconvenience to the company because once a client show there commitment and pay there deposit we chase all other potential clients away because you've  paid for that day/time.


  • Shrink wrap
  • Very thick pads to protect your furniture 
  • Dollies 
  • Tape
  • Tool Box
  • ETC.

Our minimum

Flat rate means based on your specific list of items thats what you will be priced on not time. We have a three hour minimum when we say that it means it can take up to three hours so if its less than three hours the price for the full three hours is still effective. If we exceed the three hours that's

 when we talk about the additional charges and you will be aware of the additional charges when you contact us for a moving quote.